A Natural Alternative to Bleach That Works on Both Kitchen Grease and Bathroom Limescale

Find an all-natural way to remove limescale from bathrooms and grease from kitchen appliances, especially stovetops and ovens.

How to Sanitize a Bathroom

When it comes to eliminating limescale and grease, traditional chemical cleaners like bleach aren’t always up to the task.

Eliminating Scale and Grease

Cleaning the bathroom or kitchen often involves tackling two typical problems: grease build-up in kitchen equipment, such as ovens, and limescale deposits from hard water on pipes, fixtures, and faucets.

Despite using expensive chemical treatments, achieving a completely clean surface can be difficult. Grease and limescale can persist, no matter how hard you scrub.

An inexpensive, DIY miracle paste made from common household items is a great substitute. This paste makes limescale and grease removal easier.

How to Make Your Own Cleaning Paste

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