Apple, delicious marshmallows like from childhood, which melts in your mouth. A simple recipe, everyone can make marshmallows like this

Simple Marshmallow Recipe Using Baby Puree
This marshmallow recipe is incredibly simple – you don’t have to bake the apples or boil the puree. We use ready-made baby puree, which is easy to find in any store. It’s fast and convenient.

Baby puree: 200 g
Agar-agar: 8 g (strength 900)
Sugar: 400 g
Water: 150 ml
Egg whites: 2
Citric acid: A pinch
Powdered sugar: For dusting
Cornstarch: For dusting (optional)
Parchment paper
Piping bag with a closed star tip (1 cm diameter outlet) or a small mold
Thick-bottomed pan
Thermometer (optional but recommended)

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