Beef Wellington Turnovers with Sweet Chili Wine Sauce

Beef Wellington turnovers with sweet chili wine sauce are puff pastries filled with tender, thin slices of sirloin, thin slices of prosciutto, sautéed mushrooms, and onion, seasoned with thyme and Dijon mustard. Served with sweet chili wine sauce.

Beef Wellingtons with Sweet Chili Wine Sauce

Beef Wellington turnovers with sweet chili wine sauce is a delightful and innovative variation of the classic Beef Wellington.

It combines succulent beef, earthy mushrooms, and flaky puff pastry, all paired with a delectable sweet and slightly spicy chili wine sauce. This dish offers a harmonious blend of flavors and textures that will tantalize your taste buds.

This recipe is a great spin on the Traditional Beef Wellington that is made with beef tenderloin, also known as filet mignon. If you’ve ever heard of Gordon Ramsay then you know what an elegant, classic, yet tricky dish it can be to prepare.

After all, it’s combined with a beef tenderloin roast that’s seared on a stovetop and then wrapped in duxelles (mushroom and herb mixture), prosciutto, and puff pastry crust then baked in an oven.

It’s hard to gauge exactly when the beef tenderloin inside is cooked properly while trying to also get the puffy pastry golden brown and crispy on the outside.

Beef Wellington turnovers on a wood background with fresh thyme

Alas, that’s where this easy Beef Wellington turnover recipe comes in. It takes the guesswork out of knowing when the beef will be done because it’s already cooked prior to adding the puff pastry.

Traditional Beef Wellington is typically served with a rich sauce like a red wine reduction or a mushroom sauce, but I really enjoy it with the sweet chili wine sauce I paired it with.

There are a lot of variations of this tasty English dish like mine. It doesn’t even have to be cooked with beef like this Pork Wellington recipe.

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