Chocolate Chip Cookie Ice Cream Cake

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This Chocolate Chip Cookie Ice Cream Cake is a fun cross between chocolate chip cookies and ice cream, and it’s the perfect treat for summer!
Chocolate Chip Cookie Ice Cream Cake
Speaking of summer, we enjoyed our first weekend out on the boat last weekend. The hubs had technically been out the weekend before without me, but we’ll just pretend it was his first too.
We spent Saturday evening out and brought Jessie. She loved being out there as the sun was going down – less hot. 🙂 Then we went out with some friends for a bit on Sunday.

As usual, I got my first bit of sunburn. Not too bad, but a bit. I did use sunscreen, but that stuff comes right off in the water and right now the water is still so refreshing we had to swim. Not too cold, but cool. I’m sure in just a few weeks it’ll get warm. Gotta enjoy it while we can!
So this cake was actually born out of a love for chocolate chip cookie ice cream sandwiches. You know – the ones you can buy in the freezer at like, the gas station. Sounds glorious, right? But I always loved those as a kid so I decided it’d be fun to make a giant one!

Sadly this doesn’t look like a sandwich. Well, it did the first time around. Problem was, the cookie gets pretty frozen. Cutting through one cookie on the bottom and eating it is fine. But two? Two makes an ice cream cake that goes everywhere when you try to cut it. Sad, but true.

So I remade it with one cookie layer and the ice cream. Much easier to eat and totally delicious! You’ll still probably not want to use a plastic fork.
This bad boy has a layer of cookie (made from my favorite chocolate chip cookie cake), a layer of cookie dough ice cream, some chopped up mini Chip Ahoy, whipped cream and chocolate sauce. Boss.

Now normally I’d make my own no churn ice cream for an ice cream cake. It’s the jam and I love it. But I switched it up this time just to keep it interesting and I went with store bought. It’s just so easy.
I have to be honest with you though. I still love my no churn ice cream. It’s the best. It’s so much creamier than a lot of store-bought ice creams. So, if you want to go that route, here is the Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Ice Cream recipe you’ll want to use. It’s an easy switch-aroo.
No matter which way you go with the ice cream, this baby is delicious! Such a fun treat that’s sure to be a hit!

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