Chocolate Orange Cake with Chocolate Orange Ganache

This Chocolate Orange Cake is deliciously moist, packed with citrusy orange and rich chocolate flavor, and topped with the easiest chocolate orange ganache. I’m not kidding when I tell you this is the BEST chocolate cake. Plus, it’s insanely easy to make, and doesn’t even require an electric mixer!

The chocolate orange cake topped with chocolate orange ganache and orange slices on a wooden cake stand with a slice taken out. A metal cake spatula, a gray plate with a piece of cake and a fork, a gray napkin, and a halved orange surround the cake.

Chocolate and orange are a match made in heaven. There’s something about the way the orange brings out all the deep, rich flavors of the chocolate, and how the chocolate softens up the acid from the orange. Whatever it is, orange and chocolate is one of my favorite flavor combinations and I’ll gladly eat it any season of the year.

Why This Cake Is Truly The BEST

This chocolate orange cake combines all the moistness and texture of a box mix chocolate cake with all the good chocolatey flavor of a homemade cake. The secret? Olive oil. Once I discovered using olive oil instead of butter in my chocolate cakes, the game was CHANGED. It’s deliciously light and fluffy, intensely rich in flavor, and packed with chocolate and orange.


All the ingredients needed to make the chocolate orange cake and the chocolate orange ganache.

Ingredient Notes

You can use vegetable oil instead of olive oil, but I love the flavor that the olive oil brings. It’s not too strong, but definitely enhances the flavor of the chocolate and orange.
You can get the orange zest and the orange juice needed from one orange. I highly recommend buying a fresh orange (they’re so cheap!) instead of using store-bought orange juice or orange extract. The zest will ensure that the orange flavor is strong but not fake or chemical-tasting.

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