Creamy dark chocolate crumble

The creamy dark chocolate crumble is a really simple and delicious recipe, capable of making everyone agree thanks to its intense chocolate flavor. At home, adults and children like it and when I prepare it, there are never any leftovers! And how could I do it anyway, since it has an irresistible flavor, especially for chocolate lovers. Its preparation is available to everyone and the time for its completion is very short. It is a type of cake since the base and the covering crust are characterized by being a shortcrust pastry, but its consistency is crumbly and not compact like the classic shortcrust pastry. This type of shortcrust pastry is easier to make than the classic one since you have to work it briefly, just long enough for the characteristic crumbs to form, and it does not require standing times. The dark chocolate cream has another peculiarity: it is prepared without eggs and this makes it lighter, but it is also characterized by an intense dark chocolate flavor; It is also suitable for those who have egg intolerance problems. There are no excuses not to prepare (and prepare again) this fantastic creamy dark chocolate crumble, perfect for any occasion, to enjoy during the week, but also as a Sunday dessert or to prepare on special occasions: little effort for an extraordinary dessert! So let’s prepare it together right away using the simple step by step recipe!

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