These delectable Cucumber Sandwiches are made with sliced cucumbers on soft white bread with a quick and easy cream cheese spread made with fresh herbs. They are one of my all-time favorite sandwiches and a spring and summer must. Proceed with caution though, as they are really hard to resist.

I love to serve these for bridal showers, baby showers, ladies’ nights, tea parties, and Mother’s day brunch. But quite honestly, anytime is a good time. When entertaining, I love to serve these with Mini Quiche, Gazpacho, and Homemade Lemonade.

Using a stand or hand mixer in a medium bowl, beat the cream cheese, mayonnaise, dill, parsley, garlic powder, onion powder, salt, and black pepper together until smooth and creamy. Then cut the crust off the bread slices and arrange them on a cutting board in pairs of two side by side. Now gently and evenly spread the cream cheese mixture over both rows of bread slices.

Layer the cucumbers down one side or half of the bread slices. If desired, sprinkle with a little chopped dill. Then top with the other bread slice cream cheese side down. Now cut each sandwich into quarters and arrange them on a platter.
For optimum taste, use fresh chives, dill, or parsley. It is flavor-packed and perks that cream cheese mixture right up. Or add a tablespoon of lemon juice for a little tang.
A white party platter with cucumber cream cheese sandwiches.
For this recipe, use full-fat cream cheese for a rich taste and creamy texture.
Use good quality bakery-fresh soft white bread, whole grain bread, or wheat bread. There are so few ingredients in this recipe that you really want to make them shine.

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