Elvis Presley Cake

Elvis Presley Cake also know as Jailhouse Rock Cake is a family favorite. So simple and easy to make.

rich and delicious cake slice on a white plate

Elvis Presley Cake is a scrumptious cake that is always requested for holidays and parties . Once I made this cake it was asked to be made again and again.

It is a go to for us to whip up when we have a family get together or a pot luck.

It is so delicious and always a huge hit.

I have even made this into cupcakes for pot lucks so everyone can have their own individual “cake” and those were a big hit too!!

But honestly they are a lot of work so I would really stick with making this as an Elvis Presley Cake unless you have some time on your hands or some help! They sure were cute as cupcakes though.

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