How to Unclog a Sink in Three Easy Steps: The Only Way That Works Every Time

How to Unclog a Sink in Three Easy Steps: The Only Way That Works Every Time

Sinks that won’t drain properly are a common and annoying problem in many homes. However, do not worry, we have a foolproof way to clear out those clogged pipes in a matter of seconds!

Where Clogged Sinks Come From

Let us first look at why sink clogs happen before we talk about how to fix them. The bathroom and kitchen sinks can get clogged with food and other things over time if they are used a lot. A clogged sink can be caused by hair, fur, food scraps, and even limescale buildup.

Stopping is Key

It’s always better to avoid a clogged sink than to fix one after it happens. It’s important to watch what you put down the drain to avoid these annoying clogs. Make sure that hair and fur don’t go down the drain, because they can build up and block it. Also, don’t forget that food scraps, dust, and other leftovers can also cause clogs. Using baking soda and vinegar on a regular basis can help get rid of limescale buildup and keep your sink running smoothly.

How to Unclog Your Sink Without Any Risk
Finally, here’s the good stuff: a quick and easy way to clear out your sink!

First, get your tools and food together. A plunger, baking soda, and vinegar are what you’ll need.

Step 2: Get rid of any water that is still in the sink first. This will help the clog move out of the way.

Step 3: Next, put about a half-cup of baking soda down the drain. After that, drink a cup of vinegar. The fizzy reaction that the mixture makes will help break up the clog.

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