Layered Oreo Cake

Can we take a quick second to appreciate how cute the mini Oreos on top of this cake are?


decorated Oreo cake on serving platter (2)

Ok, second over. Now onto the REAL good stuff!

This cake is an literal. dream. come. truuuuueeeee. You have a super rich and buttery cake with cookie pieces mixed in, layered between a fluffy and dreamy cookies and cream frosting.


Oreo cake slice in plate (1)

reverse creaming

We’re using the reverse creaming method to make this cake. Not only is it delicious, it makes for a quicker, easier to make, and sturdier cake – perfect for suspending the Oreo cookies!

What makes reverse creaming unique compared to the regular cake making method is that, instead of creaming together butter and sugar together and gradually building the cake batter on top of that, we’re going to cut the butter into the dry ingredients and then whisk in the wet ingredients.

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