Millefeuille: the classic recipe for a fragrant and delicious dessert


Rectangular puff pastry

1 loaf

powdered sugar

taste good

powdered sugar

taste good

Red fruits

taste good

For the vanilla pudding

Milk 450 g

Egg yolk 6

Powdered sugar 150 g

Cornstarch 50g

vanilla extract

1 teaspoon

The millefeuille is a great classic of French pastry, a traditional and timeless dessert that will satisfy everyone, young and old. Also known as Napoleon, it consists of three layers of fragrant puff pastry, sandwiched by two layers of custard; Sprinkled on the surface with plenty of powdered sugar and finally garnished with red fruits, it is a crispy dessert with a delicate taste, perfect for a delicious end to the meal, but also for special occasions, birthday parties and anniversaries.

The Millefeuille is a dessert that no one can resist thanks to the textural contrast between the fragrant pastry and the soft and velvety cream. The preparation is easy. We recommend that you fill it, decorate it and finally serve it within a few minutes so that you can enjoy it in all its crumbliness and deliciousness. Alternatively, you can prepare the puff pastry and cream in advance and put it together just before serving the dessert.

For a perfect result we recommend that you use the ready-made dough, but if you are particularly skilled in the kitchen you can also prepare it at home using our recipe. You can also flavor the vanilla pudding with lemon zest and refine it with chocolate chips, strawberries or mixed berries; For an even more scenographic effect, you can also alternate a layer of white cream and a layer of chocolate cream.

How to prepare millefeuille

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