No-Bake Oatmeal Carrot Pie: A Nutritious Treat

Can you still have a delicious dessert even when there is no flour, white sugar, or butter? Stop looking now! Everything you need to make a flourless oatmeal and carrot pie that is both nutritious and tasty is right here. This recipe is perfect for you if you want to sate your sweet need in a healthy way.

Things required:

In order to begin making this mouthwatering pie, please gather the following ingredients:

Oats, one cup (or about 130 grams): The high-fiber oats serve as the foundation for our pie.

Plain yogurt, measuring one cup (250 milliliters): The pie gets its velvety smoothness and tangy tang from the natural yogurt.

Two eggs: The pie’s form and texture are both contributed to by the eggs.

Two teaspoons of sugar, or around fifty grams: Use honey or syrup to give your pie that irresistible sweetness.

Two bunches of carrots, around 300 grams each: Carrots are rich in several nutrients, including vitamins and antioxidants, and they also have a beautiful orange hue.

Two servings (around 320 g) of apples: Adding apples to the dish not only makes it sweeter, but it also adds extra nutrients.

Use walnuts (to taste) as an embellishment and to provide a tasty crunch to your pie.

What to do next:

We may start the process step by step now that we have all the necessary materials:

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