Pan-Fried Cheese Potato Bread

This Pan-Fried Cheese Potato Bread is a delightful treat that doesn’t require an oven, yeast, or eggs, making it a simple and quick option for a delicious snack or side dish. With its gooey cheese center and a soft, potato-infused exterior, it’s sure to become a favorite. Here’s how to make it:

For the Bread Dough:
90g strong flour (bread flour)
55g milk
10g melted unsalted butter
A pinch of salt
For the Filling:
1 medium potato
2 tablespoons mayonnaise
Mozzarella cheese (as needed), cut into small chunks or strips
1. Prepare the Potato:
Cook the potato until tender, either by boiling, microwaving, or baking. Once cooked, peel and mash it in a bowl. Let it cool down a bit.
Mix in the mayonnaise with the mashed potato until well combined. This mixture will be used as part of the filling for the bread.
2. Make the Dough:

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