Peppermint Crisp Tart

I have so much love for this dessert. It’s really simple to make, perfect for a few guests or a crowd and makes me quite nostalgic at that. The only thing is, you must love that signature flavour combo, mint and chocolate (duh)! It’s like coriander, you either love or you hate it.

You simply whip heavy cream till soft peaks form, add in your caramel treat and give it another quick whisk. Then add in the chopped peppermint crisp chocolate, mix and start layering. For this recipe I made quite a large one (serves 12 pax) because we had a braai planned with family for the World Cup Rugby final (so happy South Africa won!) but you can easily just half the ingredients and make one that’ll serve 6 pax.

When layering, start by adding a few dollops of the caramel-chocolate cream first, spread that evenly. Then add a single layer of biscuits, then add half of the remaining caramel-chocolate cream and spread evenly. Then place another layer of biscuits and then cover with the last of the caramel-chocolate cream. Sprinkle over the chopped peppermint chocolate and let that chill in fridge overnight because you want the biscuits to be soft when serving.

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