salad torte


for the salad cake recipe:

•5 hard-boiled eggs (size M)

•1 can of tuna in oil (drained weight 150 g)

•3 tortillas (ready to cook) (Ø 26 cm)

•150g cooked ham

•150 g cheddar cheese in slices

•1 head of iceberg lettuce

•1 bunch of radishes

•½ cucumber

•1 pepper

•3 vine tomatoes

Dressing :

•1 tbsp mustard

•1 tbsp vinegar

•1 tbsp finely chopped capers

•2 cloves of garlic

•1 Be. Dr. Oetker Crème fraîche Classic (150 g)

•200 g double cream cream cheese

•about 100 ml milk

•1 tbsp honey



For decoration:

•some cress

Preparation :

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