Sweetened Condensed Milk Snowballs

Prepared with only five ingredients, Sweetened Condensed Milk Snowballs are light and fluffy, and only slightly sweet. They look plain and drab, but they are quite delicious, very easy to make, and extremely budget friendly too!   There’s always that one person who will lean over your beautiful Christmas cookie platter, looking for a cookie … Read more

Sweet Potato Hummus

Sweet potato, chickpeas, tahini, and fresh lemon juice combine to create a refreshing and delicious hummus twist in this Sweet Potato Hummus. Enjoy with Crunchmaster™ crackers for a tasty gluten-free snack. It’s a perfect pairing for healthier snacking!     How about some Sweet Potato Hummus for Fall snacking? Mmmm hmmmm, you read that right … Read more

Coconut Lemon Bars (Dairy-free)

Slightly tart, with a crisp crust and an intensely-flavoured filling, a lemon pie is one of the French’s most favourite desserts. Any bakery in France will have a “Tarte au Citron” to offer (with or without a meringue topping – although it seems French cooks tend to stay away from the fluffy-sugary topping lately). So … Read more

The Easiest Chocolate Chip Squares

A 40+ year old family recipe. Chewy chocolate chip cookie bars perfect for lunchboxes & after school snacks. An ideal recipe for cookie swaps & for the freezer.     This chocolate chip cookie squares recipe is one of my mom’s recipes from many years back. She makes them with a chocolate frosting but I … Read more