No-Bake Black Forest Yum Yum

You’ll flip for this rich Black Forest Yum Yum! Two thick creamy layers sandwich a layer of cherry pie filling and chocolate fudge pudding, all sitting atop a no-bake Oreo crumb crust. Seriously, with this creamy cherry and chocolate combination, what’s not to love?   It’s no secret our love for Yum Yum runs deep … Read more

Coconut Lemon Bars (Dairy-free)

Slightly tart, with a crisp crust and an intensely-flavoured filling, a lemon pie is one of the French’s most favourite desserts. Any bakery in France will have a “Tarte au Citron” to offer (with or without a meringue topping – although it seems French cooks tend to stay away from the fluffy-sugary topping lately). So … Read more

French Bakery Beignets

Unfussy, sugary and fried. French Bakery Beignets are nothing like what you’d expect from French pastries, yet they are quintessentially French. These plump buttery pillows rolled in sugar and filled with jams are found on most bakery stalls in France and are kids’ favorites at the time of the “goûter” ( mid-afternoon snack). They are … Read more