Coffee Kisses

I made these coffee biscuits awhile ago and thought I would make them again and share this recipe with you. I’m sure there are many coffee lovers out there. These coffee kisses smell amazing when they are baking in the oven. The aroma of the coffee biscuits coming out of the oven smells like an … Read more

Pumpkin Muffins

These soft and fluffy pumpkin muffins are a cross between a coffee cake and a muffin. They’re flavored with pumpkin and warm spices, topped with a brown sugar crumble, and finished with a drizzle of cinnamon icing. When it comes to fall flavors it doesn’t get much better! This recipe is a reader favorite and … Read more

French Walnut Coffee Cake (Gâteau Grenoblois)

A regional cake made with ground walnuts and brewed coffee (Gluten Free; Dairy Free)   Known in France as Gâteau Grenoblois, this French Walnut Coffee Cake is a specialty from Grenoble, in South Eastern France, where walnuts are plentiful. It features a fluffy crumb made with ground walnuts and is flavored with brewed coffee, all … Read more