Flag Cake

Whip up this fun and festive homemade American Flag Cake! A fluffy vanilla cake topped with creamy vanilla frosting and finished with fresh berries.   It’s not the 4th of July until someone makes a Flag Cake! Although this cake is far from original (I’m not even going to pretend like I invented this concept, … Read more

Fudgy Homemade Brownies

Get ready for the best Homemade Brownies! Moist, fudgy, chewy, and loaded with chocolate! This easy recipe comes together in minutes. This recipe is tested and perfected – use our tips and tricks to get a delicious result every single time. We are brownie aficionados around here. We have made hundreds of brownies and this … Read more

Easy Homemade Chocolate Flan Cake

Flan is such an underrated dessert! Most people may be intimidated by this Mexican classic, but not anymore! This Easy Homemade Chocolate Flan Cake combines moist, rich chocolate cake and a light and sweet scratch-made flan on top!   I am so excited to be bringing you this recipe today! Okay, so confession time: I’ve … Read more

Classic Tarte Tatin

A staple French tart of caramelized apples and a crisp buttery crust turned upside-down.   Simpler to make than apple pie, a Tarte Tatin defies the cliché of fussy, flawless French desserts, while offering that same rich, sophisticated taste. Made with juicy apples doused in sweet caramel and draped with a buttery crust, it proves … Read more