Tropical Sweetness Express: Mango Mousse and Strawberries in 5 Minutes

Imagine a dessert that immediately transports you to the tropics, where the sun caresses your skin and the fruity aromas tickle your senses. It’s not just a sweet treat, but a quick bite-sized escape, combining the sweetness of ripe mango with the tanginess of fresh strawberries. This dessert, prepared in the blink of an eye, surpasses traditional ice cream in its intensity of taste and ease of preparation.

150 g neutral or vanilla biscuits, to add a crispy texture that contrasts with the sweetness of the fruit.
300 g strawberries, selected for their freshness and taste, reminiscent of the delicacies of summer gardens.
2 ripe mangoes, the heart of our dessert, chosen for their creaminess and their richness in vitamins A and C.

Method of Preparation:

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