Peach Oatmeal Bars

Sweet fresh peaches are baked between layers of brown sugar and oats to form a chewy sweet crust for these Peach Oatmeal Bars.


Peach Filling Ingredients
▢5 cups peaches thinly sliced
▢½ cup sugar
▢½ teaspoon cinnamon
▢1 tablespoon cornstarch

▢½ teaspoon kosher salt
▢1 tablespoon lemon juice
Crust Ingredients
▢2 cups all-purpose flour*
▢1 cup light brown sugar
▢1½ cups old fashioned oats
▢1 cup butter melted
*Gluten-Free Alternative
▢1⅓ cups brown rice flour
▢⅔ cup tapioca starch

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