Speculoos Wellington Squares

A Wellington square, also known as millionaire shortbread, is believed to have originated in Scotland – the ‘millionaire’ prefix implying an upgrade and level of decadence. Shortbread originated around the 12th Century but the biscuit we know now is attributed to Mary Queen of Scots in the 16th Century.


 15 minutes plus chilling time
 36 bites
  1. Base:
  2. 250 g Biscoff biscuits, crushed
  3. 75 g unsalted butter, melted
  4. Caramel:
  5. 125 g unsalted butter
  6. 125 g caster sugar
  7. 2 tbsps golden syrup
  8. 190 g (half a small tin) condensed milk
  9. Topping:
  10. 150 g Cadbury’s Dairy milk chocolate
  11. Biscoff biscuits, crumbled (optional)

Cooking Instructions

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